Dr. Krishna B. Reddy,
          MD, FACA, FACPM.

Board Certified in Pain Medicine, Anesthesiology, Citical Care, Hospice Palliative Care & Electrocardiography.

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Dr. Srinivas Erragolla, MD.

Fellowship trained in Pain Medicine, EMG and Spinal Cord injuries. Board Certified in PM&R.

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Dr. Lita Mathai, M.D.

Dr. Budiamal Mathai is a Member of the American Academy Pain Medicine, and American Society of Anesthesiology. She holds an appointment as Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio from 1984 to Present.

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Dr. Jan Gouda

Dr. Jan Gouda graduated from medical school at Assuit University in Egypt in 1982. He completed two years of Neurosurgery/Pain fellowship in Toledo in 1998. He has 10 years of neurosurgery residency training in Egypt and Ireland prior to his fellowship in Toledo.

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Dr. Grant Goodwin

Dr. Grant Goodwin graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland Oregon in 1989. In 2005 he was one of few chiropractors in the country to successfully blend practices with Medical and Osteopathic doctors.

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Dr. Vraj Chauhan

Dr. Vraj Chauhan earned his Master of Science at Wright State University in 1975 and his Ph.D. at Columbus University in 2000. He has held a license as a Professional Clinical Counselor in the State of Ohio since 1994.

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Simer P Singh , M.D.

Dr. Singh is board certified in PM&R as well as Pain Medicine. He is a member of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, American Academy of Academic Physiatrists, Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals and American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians.

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Glenn H Kluge , M.D.

Dr. Kluge is board certified in Internal Medicine, Addiction Medicine, National Board of Medical Examiners and National Association of Inpatient Physicians.

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Edward I Nelson, , M.D.

Dr. Nelson is board certified in Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology.

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Stephen T Mathai, , M.D.

Dr. Mathai is board certified in Pediatrics and maintains a SAMSHA certificate to treat for addiction.

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  Frequently Asked Questions
1) What type of information do you collect from patients?
We generally collect information such as the Patient’s Name, Age, Date of Birth, Telephone Number/Numbers, Address, email address, health condition, employment, family, medicines being used by the patient, diagnostic data, health insurance, etc
2) Why do you need such data?
The data collected from you is important to evaluate and treat the patient, to direct him to the required doctor, to refer for further diagnostic investigations, and if required, to refer the patients to other specialized Professionals or Doctors.
3) Apart from the forms we fill, what are the other sources from which you collect information about us?
The Patient Information Forms and other important forms you fill up at your first visit to Dayton Pain Center cover up over 90% of the data required. However, sometimes, we might also need to collect data from your referring doctor/physician, insurance carrier, and the diagnostic facilities where you have taken the initial medical tests.
4) How do you store the Patient’s information?
The information collected from the patient is stored in computers and also paper charts pinned in individual separate files for each patient at Dayton Pain Center.
5) How is the information shared with others?
As a general practice, we do not share the information with any outsiders. The information is shared only to study the history and treat the patient with the respective doctors and consultants. The information is shared with them through emails, Fax, Telephone, etc.
6) Do you sell the information collected from patients to any other 3rd parties?
At Dayton Pain Center, we strictly follow the policy of not providing, sharing, selling, or marketing the information to any other 3rd parties for any given business purposes or marketing purposes.
7) Do you share this information to any others apart from the consulting doctors?
Sometimes, we might need to share the information to insurance companies who ask for copies of consultation and procedure reports for them to make the payments or give authorization for proceeding for further treatments or diagnostics of the patient as per the doctor’s recommendation.
8) How safe are the patient’s records and patient’s information at your center?
We store all the data collected from the patient in a secure database protected by a password. We frequently take the back up of the data.
9) Can we obtain a copy of our medical records?
You need to give a written request and also the reasons for requesting a copy of your medical records. Upon receiving the request, and verification of the same, based on the necessity, we will give you a copy of your medical records.
10) Will there be any changes to the Privacy Policy followed by the company?
We will be constantly updating the terms or conditions of the Privacy Policy, and the changes will be immediately posted on the web site. We have the discretion to add, modify, or delete the content of the Privacy Policy at any time, and the changes will become effective immediately
11) How do we contact you regarding any questions or concerns?
You are welcome to come down at any time during our office hours and visit us at our clinic:

Dayton Pain Center, LLC.
1 Elizabeth Pl Suite # D, Dayton, OH 45417
Phone: (937) 222 2233 Fax: (937) 222 9665

Our office hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00PM Monday through Friday.
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